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EcoFishCircle is a technology company that develops land-based farming solutions

EFC will establish a new type of land-based salmon farming based on its own solutions. In collaboration with sister company Gas 2 Feed, we will significantly reduce the climate footprint of aquaculture.

EFC will link new improved RAS technology together with new sustainable technologies that enable food production with a significantly lower carbon footprint, while improving food safety and fish welfare. EFC is the owner of Lista Laks AS, which will be the operational farming company, as well as the main owner of G2F.

EFC operates a test facility at Hausvik, Lyngdal and is planning a full-scale facility at Lista (Norway). At Hausvik, the newly developed concepts are verified, while Lista will demonstrate the complete circular farming concept on a commercial scale. The salmon from Lista will be sold under a new brand that reflects the unique improvements such as food safety, fish welfare, traceability and sustainability.

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Video and photo: Erlend Haddeland, Media Sør AS

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Our partners

EFC works closely with sister company G2F for the recycling of CO2 for the production of nutritional proteins that are used as an ingredient in the feed. Furthermore, both EFC and G2F work closely with Hydrogen-Pro for the production of green hydrogen and oxygen for the breeding facility as well as hydrogen for the fermentation.