Update on our second batch: Continued strong growth and healthy fish

7 May 2024

As of 7 May, there is still solid growth at our pilot plant in Hausvik. Since being introduced at the end of August 2023, the fish have reached an average weight of 3.3 kg.

Some highlights:

  • Fish welfare: The fish have a good appetite and thrive in the facility. The fish have been thoroughly examined during the period and regular analysis show low stress levels, which contributes to the strong growth. There are also no signs of early maturation or visible skin damage, and the feedback from the vet is very good. The fish density in the facility has now exceeded 50 kg/m³.
  • Mortality: Still low cumulative mortality rate of 1.5 % in operation. 2.3 % including transport of smolt to the facility.
  • Growth: Starting at 100 grams, our fish have grown rapidly, reaching an average weight of 3.3 kg despite cold seawater temperatures throughout the winter. We plan to harvest fish above 4 kg before summer.

We are very satisfied with the results so far.

Stay tuned for more updates!