Lista Laks has received permissions to produce 6000 tons of Salmon

23 May 2024

Lista Laks, a subsidiary of EcoFishCircle, has now received permission from Agder County Municipality to establish a 6,000 ton land-based farm at Lista airport and business park in Farsund.

The project uses an existing industrial area to minimize environmental impact and promote a circular economy, in collaboration with industrials players within protein production, biogas production and agriculture.

The technology, successfully tested at our facility at Hausvik, reduces biological risk, CAPEX and energy consumption. The project will create circular value chains by sending sludge and nutrients to biogas production at Vireo Biogass, which in turn produces biofertilizer for local agriculture. At full production, the facility will create 30-50 jobs, including a separate slaughtery. Our CEO Smiljana Divjak sees the project as a pioneering project for the industry, politicians and the policy makers, and invites investors to contribute to building a showcase for future food production.

This is an important milestone for us! Read the press release here:

3033-EFC-List Salmon-_6 - Photo